The History of Hogwarts, told through the eyes of a Roleplayer. Follow Hogwarts from the Pillars of Creation to the Boy Who Lived! Nothing is impossible.
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 Casey Braxton

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PostSubject: Casey Braxton   Sat Jul 02, 2016 8:02 pm

[fancypost bgcolor=#000000; bordercolor=#99FF66; borderwidth=1px;]
[size=14pt]♛ Casey Braxton ♛[/size]

♛ Gryffindor ♛ 6 ♛ female ♛ 17 ♛ half blood ♛ Demi Harmen ♛
[fancyimage]IMAGE HERE[/fancyimage]

Casey was born in australia and attened school there till about 14 when her mother moved to england after her farthers death, she got into hogwarts on her farthers mertit cause he attened school there . Confident, firery, competitive, loyal, troublesome. Blonde, blue eyes, tan, lean curves, mid height.

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Casey Braxton
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